(my short fiction, poetry, and other works)

“Decolonization, Fashion, and Brown Girl Stories” in Brown Girl Mag

“The Anthropology Major” in Flash Flood

“Export Quality” in The Bombay Review

“The Rose Apple Tree” in Midnight Breakfast

“Ptarmigni” and “Ptarmigni on Sunday” in No Contact Mag

“Up” in Crossing Borders

“At Home, Adrift” in Angime

“Ahoy” in A-Minor Magazine

“A Year in the North” in The VIDA Review

“Jet-Black” in The Misty Review

“To Market” in Boston Accent Lit

“For Sveta Moroz” in Anima Poetry

“The Warp” in Allegro Poetry

“Untitled Poems” in Lunar Poetry

“This Little Mermaid Box…” in Apartment Therapy

“Leaning in, Standing Out…” in The Aerogram

“Ten Scenes from My Bollywood Marriage” in The Toast

“Seven Novels About Studying Abroad” in Electric Literature

*Reviews in World Literature Today, Jaggery Lit, Desi Books Review, and more