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Available in paperback and e-book

It’s 1905, and the Japanese victory over the Russians has shocked the British and their imperial subjects. Sixteen-year-old Leela and her younger sister, Maya, are spurred on to wear homespun to show the British that the Indians won’t be oppressed for much longer, either, but when Leela’s betrothed, Nash, asks her to circulate a petition amongst her classmates to desegregate the girls’ school in Chandrapur, she’s wary. She needs to remind Maya that the old ways are not all bad, for soon Maya will have to join her own betrothed and his family in their quiet village. When she discovers that Maya has embarked on a forbidden romance, Leela’s response shocks her family, her town, and her country firmly into the new century.

Paperback | 270 pages | 9781733233293 | March 8, 2020

The Novella Spectacular Contest Winner


“Two sisters’ personal lives get caught up in the changing politics of India in this historical novel….Leela and Maya are so carefully composed that readers will get caught up in this pivotal time in their young lives.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This is a beautifully written insight into a turbulent time in Indian politics, with, at its heart, a tale of love and family.  Historical fiction that’s so interesting and emotion packed too. Stunning.”
The Bookwormery

“Rashi Rohatgi presents a story that examines an entire family as well as a country through the eyes of one woman…shows a strong understanding of the history and identity of India.”
The Nerdy Girl Express

“I found Rohatgi’s debut an insightful, layered and memorable coming of age tale. My heart ached for Leela and her struggle to reconcile her duties to family, community, and country with her wants and needs…Overall, this compelling debut novella was a fascinating look into a tumultuous period in Indian history from the eyes of a young girl. Truly, a thought-provoking story of love, family, and even a bit of self-discovery.”
Dream Come Review

“Rashi Rohatgi does a fantasic job of explaining enough of the history and politics of the era to immerse the reader.”
Riana Shahid

“Interesting historical read that contemplates how change demands different thought, feelings and actions in the midst of a traditional society.  Fascinating reading!”
Crystal Reviews

“I loved Leela as the main character and I appreciated her hope for her home country – it gave the book a positive tilt even with the amount of negativity she was surrounded by. I would read more from this author.  I liked the characters, plot and writing.”
Kritters Ramblings

“Beautiful characters. Beautiful cover. Fans of historical fiction will really enjoy this book.”
The Cyber Librarian

Where the Sun Will Rise Tomorrowis a fascinating look at India at the turn of the century as well as into one Indian girl’s family and traditions.”
SA Examiner

“Very well written and beautifully immersive in terms of day to day life in India in the early 20th century.”
Theresa Smith Writes

“For an understanding of an exotic culture in English, Where the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow reminds this reader of some of the work by Jhumpa Lahiri or The Hamilton Case. Its subtle but serious and even shocking personal drama is reminiscent of Virginia Woolf.”
English Plus

“The author’s conversational style made me feel like I was hanging out with Leela, Maya and their friends and family. Oddly enough, while I felt like we were nearly in the same room, I forgot that the story was taking place in 1905.”
— Books I Think You Should Read

“Progressive feminist politics has largely rejected the alluring and constricting boundaries that regulate women’s experiences, a move we see Leela make. Where The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow is fearless and breathtaking because it attempts to record many unheard female voices.”

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